The Effects Lab by budboard and Abstrax Tech, Inc. have partnered to deliver AI-powered mood formulation for cannabis products
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Engaging Product Content at Your Customer's Fingertips.

Content At
Your Customer's

The future of cannabis consumption is targeted products. Customers are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding more information about the products they consume.

Scan for info features are a fun and unique way to engage and educate your customers directly. With Scan for Info by The Effects Lab, deploying engaging product information for cannabis consumers has never been easier.

Scan for Info

Scan for Info is a new software product from The Effects Lab using budboard data technology to create educational infographics that educate customers about what makes your products unique.
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QR technology has been widely adopted since 2020 for touchless menus and contactless promotional information. Any end consumer with a modern cell phone has the ability to automatically scan and open content using their phone camera. Are you engaging them?

Scan for Info by The Effects Lab can enhance your product experience with

Product chemical profiles
Potential benefits
Branded product content

...and more. Scan for Info is tailorable to your needs.

Next Level Customer Engagement.

The biggest challenge any cannabis product producer has is standing out in a sea of other products. Multimedia experiences that engage customers on their terms increase willingness to purchase and increase customer satisfaction after purchase.


The Effects Lab by budboard is in selective release and more information is available by request only.
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