The Effects Lab by budboard and Abstrax Tech, Inc. Partner to Drive Terpene Research and Development Efforts

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Abstrax Tech has partnered with budboard to pair its pioneering technology research and manufacturing capabilities with the latest machine learning R&D software from Effects Lab by budboard, LLC to serve the cannabis, hemp and CPG industries. Through this partnership, Abstrax Tech will be the first to offer machine learning enhanced terpene formulations to the cannabis, hemp and CPG sectors using Effects Lab by budboard's machine learning software to optimize user experience.

Abstrax Tech, already a pioneer in terpene research and the engineering of sensory experience has included advanced machine learning data from Effects Lab by budboard to create a new line of targeted sensory products, marking the creation of the most effective line of terpene products to date.

The collaboration has resulted in five new blends to be offered exclusively by Abstrax Tech in the Fall of 2021.

The new effect based blends were created to fit within Abstrax Tech's current effect categories but represent entirely new blends designed with the help of machine learning data gathered by budboard for their Effects Lab technology.

The Effects Lab by budboard was created to extend budboard's mission to provide software solutions that benefit cannabis consumers by applying machine learning to the product development and product classification process. Through Effects Lab, budboard helps manufacturers and growers more accurately predict customer experience and engineer more accurate and reliable cannabis formulations.

This release of five blends to be offered by Abstrax Tech beginning in Q4 of 2021 represents the best that both companies have to offer. It is a culmination of years of industry experience and data science that is only made possible by the combined effort of both Abstrax Tech and the Effects Lab by budboard.

The blends will be offered exclusively through Abstrax Tech as an extension of their Effects Based line of products.  Contact Abstrax Tech for inquiries.


The Effects Lab by budboard is in limited release and more information is available by request only.
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