NEW! The Effects Lab by budboard and Abstrax Tech, Inc. have partnered to deliver AI-powered mood formulation for cannabis products
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"In a world first, our AI Terp Effect formulas are created by using machine learning from The Effects Lab by budboard."

- Abstrax Tech, Inc.

Indica & Sativa classifications are only the tip of the iceberg.

By combining Abstrax's state-of-the-art research and manufacturing capabilities with The Effects Lab by budboard's proprietary machine learning R&D software, we've been able to create terpene blends formulated and optimized to deliver specific effects based on over one million data points.

To put it simply, each AI Terp Effect blend is targeted and optimized for one specific sensory experience using a proprietary machine learning method.

It's a laser-focused approach to functional products that allows you to create predictable, repeatable, and scalable sensory effects.

Our partnership has resulted in five unique blends exclusively available through Abstrax Tech.

The sensory efficacy of all five blends have been individually confirmed in a quantitative sensory study conducted by the prolific Dr. Avery Gilbert.


"I feel sleepy."


"I feel at ease."


"I feel ready."


"I feel creative."


"I feel sharp."

Creating accurate, effects-based products has never been easier.

The power of The Effects Lab by budboard's AI technology combined with Abstrax's manufacturing expertise is now available to you.
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The Effects Lab by budboard is in selective release and more information is available by request only.
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