The Effects Lab by budboard and Abstrax Tech, Inc. have partnered to deliver AI-powered mood formulation for cannabis products
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Effect Focused, Data-Backed Formulas Made Using Big Data.

Give your customers the exact experience they want, every time, with The Effects Lab by budboard's Custom Formulation services.
Raw cannabis is composed of a large number of compounds resulting in widely varied sensory experiences for end consumers.

Because of the complexity of the cannabis plant and lack of extensive research into the ingredients and their effects in many cannabis formulations, it's difficult to recreate accurate outcomes.

It's equally difficult to understand exactly which ingredients in cannabis are responsible for which sensory experiences.

We fill in the gaps and work with your R&D team so you can create highly targeted products faster.

The Effects Lab by budboard was developed specifically to tackle difficult data problems faced by most cannabis R&D labs.

Using our proprietary data set, machine learning technology, and the experience of our research and terpene production partners, The Effects Lab by budboard creates formulas targeting specific sensory effects for any format of THC and CBD-containing product.
THC & CBD product sensory effect formulation
Formulations based on years of accumulated data and machine learning analysis
Formulation for any product format
Collaborations with outside research and development labs to continually improve capabilities
Flavor formulation partners to complete your product concepts


The Effects Lab by budboard is in selective release and more information is available by request only.
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